Beachside, Basking in the early morning beams.  St. Augustine is the coastal gem of Florida, rich in history & soaked in sun. The day was hot before the locals made it out to catch their first wave, so I got right to movin’ this morning.  I packed up some breakfast & my most treasured beach towel, a hand-me-down from the early 70’s with years of love & seaside fun in each thread. It wasn’t long before I was one with the sand, embracing the breeze that swept over my body.   A retro red one-piece & cateye shades had me feelin’ groovy before noon. I loving rockin’ a  bold one-piece suit to pursue that 70’s beach vibe or  under jeans as a skin-tight tank. Either styling give an ultra empowered, curve-hugging look that’s rad enough for a modern day Michelle Pfeiffer.  Tap into your vintage queen and embrace bold beach looks like this one.