The time I spent in St. Augustine, Florida was glorious.  A sunny, warm place with a welcoming atmosphere.  This city opens it’s arms to you with ancient architecture and rich history. The fondest memories were, of course, around the dinner table.  The spread of restaurants, sweet shops, coffee & cigar bars was abundant to say the least.  We wandered around nearly every evening with an open mind and an empty stomach, reservations weren’t something could be bothered with. The pace of life was low & lazy, we were clearly settling into the laid-back lure of the south.  We moved from the Fort (Castillo De San Marcos)  towards the cemetery’s and the Flagler College Campus to soak in some awesome architecture. The roads stem from the waterside in downtown St. Augustine, keeping it cool in the evenings. So wander as you will, this city has countless breathtaking sights, from the waterside sky at dusk, to the great old churches that peak into sky. If you’re headed south this season, stop in St. Augustine, Florida for a bite and a view, you’ll be eager for seconds.