A spirited season || A time to be spontaneous. My love and I headed out to indulge in the best of this town’s brews, sites, and bites.  Since the moment we hit the road in Pittsburgh, I was eager to get to Asheville, antsy to feel that vibrant city’s soul and share a beer with some marvelous stranger.  And on this enchanted evening, we stayed up until the early hours of the morning with one such woman. Sipping local beers, cackling, and clutching our bellies from laughter, we were no longer in the company of a stranger, but rather an old friend. She paused, pensively, and instilled in me a thought that has embedded itself in the depths of my mind.  “These mountains they have wisdom, child. They will call you here when you need them.”   My time is upon me, and the winds of fate have brought me to my place, with my man, and a wonderful new friend.

   Thankful for Asheville, NC + elated for the journey ahead.