We set off with a dream: no plan, no reservations.  Starry-Eyed & Feelin’ free, we drove through mystical stretches of mountain peaks that ran parallel with the road. 

For miles, we followed long back-roads with nothing but pastures & parish’s. Minute by Minute we were amplifying the distance between us and the civil world.  We reached the Great Smoky Mountains by the early evening, an excellent time to get acquainted with our new home. Our spot of earth was boarded by a crystal clear mountain creek, and came equipped with a Native-Grade Tipi, a dining table, rocking chairs, & bonfire pit. The water was warm, and calm so we played around in the stream, catching crawdad’s & collecting stones. As the sun set, the earth cooled quickly & it was time to get cozy, so we built a grand fire, that flickered on late into the evening. We stayed up listening to good ol’ southern rock n’ roll, sipping our favorite soda and playing cards. Every laugh was laced with that sweet taste of summertime and sleep came easy, set to the soundtrack of a rambling stream. Tennessee proved to be peaceful beyond imagination & something tells me we’ll be back in the volunteer state sooner than we thought.

Thanks to Rosie & her Beau at Camp G.R.I.T.Z. in Cosby, TN (airbnb) We woke up to home-baked bread, fresh eggs, a hot bath in the forest, after a long & healing  hike.  Magic Exists on this earth, in sacred hidden gems in the wild, We were lucky to find this one.