I headed to the vibrant city center, where the shops meet the sand: searching for the best of the local vendors.The night was as wonderful as it was unplanned.

– Caught between a burning sunset and a Mexican moon ||  In the Half-light of dusk –
An evening of exploration ahead of me and hours of indulging in the sun-drenched beaches & iridescent waters behind me.  What a day.  But, in the spirit of savoring the sunlight, I was off… out into the streets of the south. I had a desire to scour the city, capture all of its lively spirits with my camera, and for family& friends back at home– gather the most unique souvenirs. We even had time to grab a drink during the rain shower!

I think that stepping away from the norm and allowing the evening to unfold is the key to making perfectly unpredictable memories.

Halter-Top: Thrifted • Indian Silk Trousers: Thrifted (similar)  •  Belt: Thrifted  •  Hat: Jessica Simpson (gift from my man) • Jewels: Gifts & The Rodgers, Ohio Flea Market