“Celebrate the Spring Equinox, Today is Ostra! The second of the solar festivals in the Wiccan year, the arrival of spring is celebrated as the maiden goddess awakens from her long sleep of dreams. The newness of spring is observed in the tender green of the borough and the eminent potentiality of life’s real wakening. The sky, no longer empty, resounds with the joyful song of birds. The equilibrium between polarities brings us awareness in the duality of nature; light balances the dark as life balance his death. The snows of winter have melted, leaving the earth supple. The branches of trees that stood Starking there for so long are now covered with tight buds, soon to awaken, newness, possibility, and purity are in the air. Ostara is a time of newness and rebirth, it is a time to clear out all our old junk and have a good clean out, this is where we get the term spring clean. But it isn’t just clearing out our homes it is also clearing out the junk and negative energy that we carry around with us. Let the new energies of the Sun and Spring rejuvenate us. Welcome in the new, breath new life into you and look to the future with hope and optimism. ” Judy Ann Nock