Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio on October 21st 2013…

  • Welcome this retrograde as an opportunity to cleanse the mental realms and let go of the mental clutter and baggage. Know that it’s a time to clear the decks so we can access, check-in, feel in and hone in what is resonating with us.
  • Try to strip away other influences so you can get a clear picture of what feels right for you. Then use your Mercurial thinking gifts to organize what you need to do next to move toward your dreams. “Like a snake shedding its skin, this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio provides us the prime opportunity to shed our perceptions, thinking and limitations within the mind. 
  • Be prepared and allow for plenty of time between appointments, travel plans and so forth. Back up important computer files, triple check important documents before signing. This is not the best time to initiate new ideas, projects or plans. Wait and be patient
  • Mercury retrograde is not the cause…. of anything… Planets in astrology and planetary cycles do not cause anything. They symbolize the phase of development within Consciousness. Providing the symbolic language and understanding for one to move through.
  • It is a necessary phase for the downtime of the mental energy to rejuvenate. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio reminds each to practice letting go and forgiveness. Instead of holding onto knots of lack of forgiveness which become toxic, let go.
  •  Allow healing to take place through shifting perception and forgiveness of an open heart so you can free yourself of mental knots of anxiety and toxins. The higher level of Scorpio is the Eagle and through a highly trained and sharp Soul-level vision… one chooses to let go, heal and transform…”
  • “Use the three weeks of the Mercury Retrograde phase to reawaken, restore, reflect, review, redo and so forth, all the “re” activities under a Mercury Retrograde is the way to go.
  • Mercury in Scorpio’s symbolic gifts is renewal and metamorphosis within the mental energy and mind. We can let go of the excess and extremes and feel lighter and a sense of being reborn. Clarity of thought, new inspired ideas, and heightened intuition may happen as a result of clearing away and healing under the retrograde phase.

via mystic mama