Dripping in Black, Lost in the Countryside.
 The last morning of the first leg our our roadtrip.  Mon Chaton & I woke up at the first sight of sun and cooked a quick feast before heading out to explore the local Sunday flea.  The mix of native american history, abundant farmland, and country folk from the area, give this flea a stellar assortment of vintage goodies.  I scored a stash of high-energy crystals and gemstones for chakra cleansing // the above pictures Harley Davidson print with a wicked American Indian twist // a random collection of new (and far from new) rings and bracelets.
Ramones Muscle Tee : Forever 21 • Wool Hat: Gladys Tamez Millinery • Tooled Leather Belt : Thrifted • All Rings: Savannah Silver Works • Red Stone & Silver Bracelet: Belk