My man & I spent a few busy days in Savannah, and amid all of the hustle & bustle, this space gave us a home.  A home, to have quiet, unexpected moments of peace, like…  drinking our morning coffee– nestled together in the hammock on the front porch…. Late at night after a boozy dinner, coming home to take a bubble bath instead of hitting the next bar…. In the afternoon when we were beat from the intense head of the south, lying in bed with the windows open– when a lazy breezed carried the scent of gardenia in from the balcony.  It’s easy to get swept up in a mental bucket-list while you’re in your favorite state.  This space provided more than a bed and a breakfast, it gave us chance to slow down & gather ourselves.  That way,  we could make the most of the fleeting moments in this amazing city.  (Listing can be found here.)