There was an unforgettable emotion swimming around inside my mind.  Excitement fused with a subtle anxiousness.  The journey that we had embarked on was dizzying, 10 miles down a careening country road and a lifetime away from home.   The car was perched on a muddy patch of grass at the base of a great rocky driveway, and we were leaving her there for the night. This was new, to two car-side campers.

We grabbed what we needed and trekked two miles up, each step away from the get-a-way car was both liberating and nerve-racking.  It was time to make peace with it, I was entering bear country and rattlesnake terrain with nothin’ but my love and an optimistic spirit to get me through. We were pushing the boundaries of comfort, a risk that continually transformed into reward when my man and I were the roads.  Where the driveway’s course gravel ended, a soft sprawling lawn coated the land, as far as the eyes could see. Two broad and charming horses and a goat were making a meal of the lush landscape that surrounded the yurt we were set to sleep in.


Fear, Stress, Control, they escaped me with a great, deep exhale. I drank in the cool,  still mountain air and beamed gratitude. Life was enchanted, blessings were constant, and the world felt wider than ever.   A pivotal moment of mental clarity.  It’s why we travel often and live well.