Live in the now &  Ready yourself for the days to come.

Vibrant hues & Psychedelic patterns, a solid read and a Polaroid camera, What more could a girl need. Summer is in full swing and this energy & atheistic can live long into the cold moon months when you capture it on film.   This season is a feast for the eyes, and I’ve been snapping off endless shots of palm trees and fading sunsets as a keepsake.  Memories are one of the greatest motivators for me, So I stockpile my favorite vibes, on film. On a dreary fall afternoon, I will break out my box of Polaroids and remember the energy of each photograph.  How warm it was, how soft that sand was beneath my toes, and how intensely inspired I was when pressed the shutter. Soak in every moment, and embrace every inspiration. 

Rainbow Sunglasses: Quay  •  Racerback Bikini: Mara Hoffman (Here)