A rad little neighborhood called Lawrenceville, just outside the heart of the city of Pittsburgh has been a low-key favorite of mine since I was nearly a teenager.  Years have passed and things have changed in a beautiful way.  I stop in now for day-drinking craft cider, a Vinyl convention @ Spirit, a Cannoli Cupcake, or a night tucked away at New Amsterdam. But my favorite part of this neighborhood is hands down The Allegheny Cemetery.  Just a few steps away from the shops, it’s vast expanse covers acre after acre with a dizzying line-up of lavish memorials & Mausoleums.  Tombstones boast the rich history of big Pittsburgh names like Carnegie & Mellon. A place that bridges time back to the early 18oo’s, right here in the midst of this gritty city.


Black as night | Centuries back at the Allegheny Cemetery.

Lace-up Top: Forever 21 Floral Skirt: Thrifted Black Chelsea Boots: Nordstrom