There’s something magical about Air BnB, how it truly does connect the right humans to each other, or just to the right space, for us in this case it was both.  What we didn’t expect is that the host would be not only welcoming, & wonderful– but cooler than my man & I combined.   We ended up talking for hours. We shared an appreciation for the unexpected paths all of our lives had traced & how right it felt to have now met each other. Plus, she had cable and my man was eager to watch the NFL draft, so that’s a win also. It felt necessary to wake up in a space so crisp and minimal, it gave us a chance to digest the 14 hours we had spent jam-packed into a Subaru the day before.  And a quick cup of coffee over goodbye’s helped us ready ourselves for the road ahead.  This is one pitstop, that quickly made itself a priority.

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En route from Pittsburgh to Savannah.  A drive that takes about 1 solid day on the road, takes my man & I roughly 3.  We’ve been making this trek our entire lives, and making it together… for 7 (amazing) years.   We have found so many scenic stopping points, antique shops & eateries, that we’ve started to drag out the trip for days.   Charlotte was always an easy stopping point, and as the years have passed the city has become a hip spot that we never want to pass up.  This year we found a gorgeous modern house that could serve as our home-base for a day.