This Mother’s day gave me an opportunity to create something to commemorate our years of grinning and green-thumbing in the garden.  So, here it is! The best little portable herb garden– Mint for mojitos & tea, Sage for spiritual sessions, Cilantro to spice up a green juice, and Rosemary for her signature stuffed chicken.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 1 Wooden mason jar carrier.  *You can also use a wooden box with tin cans inside to separate plants

• Garden herbs in 4 inch diameter nursery pots

• 6 cups of potting soil

• A hand shovel

• A drill with small bit


To start, choose your herbs.  For my mother, I went with her favorites: greek oregano, berggarten sage,  rosemary, and pineapple mint.  Get a nice variety, and make sure that they are herbs that are practical– that you use for cooking or healing.



Gently drill 3 small holes in each compartment of the box.  If you use tin cans, drill drainage holes in the bottom of those as well.



Choose a gravel that is larger than the drilled holes. Add gravel to the bottom, then two inches of potting soil to each compartment. Use your shovel to press it towards the side and out of the center.

Center your herbs and be gentle on the stems as you position them in the box.  Then add soil around the plants and pack down carefully to hold the herb in place.

Water your herbs with 1/4 cup of water in each compartment and allow time to drain before placing inside.  During the day bring your box outside to get full sun, or keep in a well lit room.  The possibilities with this DIY are endless, Keep one for yourself, present to your mum, a friend, or a new neighbor! This gift truly keeps on giving, cook, brew and heal with these green goodies!