This sugar scrub is a decadent way to treat your body ||  Be  s w e e t  to your skin.   The combination of my favorite oils and the eternal symbol of love —rose petals, make this body-buffer my seasonal go-to.  I use this scrub after a long soak in a bubbly tub, or before a week on the beach. It leaves my body feeling nourished and new.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the ultimate floral sugar scrub:

• 4 Tablespoons Almond Oil

• 3 organic roses

• 2-3 cups organic cane sugar

Buy yourself an organic bouquet or wander into your garden and gather 3 roses. Pluck about 40 rose petals, avoiding the very center.  Pile the petals into a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of almond oil.  (Almond oil works best because of its intense moisturizing property, as well as its application as an anti-inflammatory– good for soothing after exfoliation.)

Give the petals about 20 minutes to soak in the almond oil. Combine the ingredients in a food processor or a bullet blender. Once the ingredients have liquified fold them into 2 cups of pure cane sugar.

Add in the 3rd cup by the spoonful, you may only need a bit, you may need the whole cup.  Blend with a fork and spatula, ensuring that the mixture is coarse, but combined.

Tightly pack the sugar scrub into a mason jar. I layer fresh white petals on top decorate, and to keep the oil from the seal.

This scrub is a great way to embrace the swing of the seasons.  Use this body-buffer to unveil your smoothest skin, to soak in sunblock & get an even tan!