Are you Getting the Wake up Call you’ve Needed?
The “Blue Moon” has a tendency to test us by showing us what we are afraid of losing and then giving us the decision whether to keep it or get rid of it. Believe it or not sometimes those things we fear losing are the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential. So if you are being tested by the Universe really look at what is going on, it could very well be a push in the right direction.
Many of us are also going to be learning that we are responsible for every single thing that happens in our life. Many who haven’t will probably learn more about the laws of the Universe (law of attraction, manifesting, etc.) and opening up to it a little more.
The past will be illuminated as will our “shadow selves” and you may learn in the next few days where changes need to happen. Those of us working on changes already will probably get a push in the right direction they were hoping for.

We may feel Pushed in many Directions
As with any full moon, your emotions are going to be magnified. And that’s the most important thing to remember with the full moon. If you are happy you will likely feel ecstatic when the moon energy gets to you, if you are sad you will likely stay in that state as well. Care for yourself and try to keep yourself in that feel good state- you’ll end up feeling even better when the full moon energy hits you.
Like all the full moons before it, you will probably notice things that no longer serve you are leaving your life. It’s important right now to reflect and see what in your life you have been neglecting, have you been neglecting it for a reason? Are there people in your sphere that treat you badly? Is there something calling your name but you haven’t gone for it because something (that maybe isnt a suited to you) is in the way? Do you feel the push to change jobs or pursue another dream? Light is going to be shed on many things during this time, we are going to be shown things we haven’t seen before as the light of the full moon illuminates things that maybe were in the dark before now. This is why it is important to slow down- you need to be able to objectively see the things you haven’t seen before this time. This is a big time for change in all of us, and you will learn a lot if you take the time to slow down and connect with yourself and your innermost feelings.   Read more Here & Here!