The Full Pisces Moon will illuminate the September sky– Monday the 8th, growing full at 9:38pm.  September is the perfect time to become in-tune with the lunar influence.  Our minds, intuitions, and emotions will be intensified. Each of us is a vessel of a cosmic experience & one must make the decision, and put forward the effort to promote positivity.   Under the sign of Pisces, you may find that you have greater regard for the thoughts of others and their opinion.  Every perspective is unique and valuable, but never lose sight of the importance and gravity of yours. With the moon strengthening under a water sign,  the mind will generate “over-thought.” A mental struggle with emotions, confidence, and personal power.  Find depth in your thoughts, and do not allow temporary negativity to cloud your spiritual growth.  Draw strength from your ability to banish overwhelming doubts. Keep your mind active, do not dwell on decisions & have faith in your foresight.  • Remedy: Reading, Journaling, & Meditation.

Some of us will feel emotionally scattered, use this time to re-organize the facets of your life that need attention. Ensure that you benefit from this potent lunar phase & eliminate the elements of life that don’t enhance your existence.  Make time to be alone & enjoy your solitude. Subsequently, reach out to like-minded companions, and draw emotional stability from good company.  Place the spotlight on you by making an effort to incorporate all of the things that satisfy your soul. Be sure to Energize your root chakra, and use practices like yoga, jogging, hooping or hiking. Utilize crystals like smokey quartz and amethyst. (( Stay  g r o u n d e d. ))

Practical Magic: Practices and Hints for harnessing the magical power of this moon. One tradition that I  have come to appreciate & participate in, on these special September evenings, is an offering to the harvest moon.  Adorn your workspace, bedroom, patio, porch, or altar with fall flowers, (mums, purple asters, goldenrod, or buckwheat blossoms.) Indulge in grain-rich foods, like corn cakes, pasta, and hearty baked goods. Breathe in the brisk late-summer air, and savor the essence of the season passing.  Take a moment alone in the wild, and appreciate the pale radiance of the full harvest moon.  The most important part of this practice is giving thanks to mother earth for the bountiful year that has come and gone.  Our lives are fruitful, and we are blessed by the season. Be thankful for another year, alive in this wonderful world && Dream of another positive, and productive lunar cycle.

Enjoy the vibes of this golden evening, and the full harvest moon.  Keep your composure over these next few weeks– stay empowered and realign with the ever-changing energies in your life.