This full moon is incredibly powerful! Gemini, Libra & Aquarius will feel this energy even more intensely.  Harness the lunar pull, and manifest a better ability to self-encourage, and acknowledge your worth, every last one of us is uniquely impressive! It’s important to recognize your accomplishments, so widen the scope of your memory. Dwelling on negative emotions, and focusing on regrets instead of growth may weigh on your mind. When you are focused on the negative, you deny all of the great successes and blessing your life offers. With the Sun in Sagittarius, our self-awareness is heightened, so recognize when you allow your thoughts to trouble you, divert your attention to your most valued achievements.  Toxic elements of life will make themselves evident, Utilize your enhanced consciousness to dissolve these negatives from your life & mind.

In the whirl of Gemini-Sagittarius energies, your mood will adapt abruptly to rapid-fire perceptions. Think slowly, indulge in thoughts/conversations, and listen in silence before you act. Be calm & wait, to avoid over-reactions. Haste is a natural instinct under this Gemini moon, and verbalization of this attribute may lead to intense discussions.  If emotions soar, you may feel anxious or restless with the present. Revive your sense of peace and take time in surrounded by the silent side of the world, in nature. Be present, and magnify your positive perceptions under this powerful moon phase!