“Since time began, we have been using the Moon to live our lives by – to tune into the Earth’s natural rhythms – to use the magic of the moon phases for a true living, growing crops, magic rituals, health and so much more.”

On July 12, 2014, a full moon known as the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon or Shallow Moon, will rise into the summer sky.

This moon is the first of  3 “supermoons” this year, meaning this moon will appear to be super-sized if the viewing conditions are in our favor.   This “supermoon” is in the sign of Capricorn, granting the superior power of self-reflection.  You will find yourself questioning your success, progress, and place in life. Be sure to spread focus to the achievements you have made.

The “thunder moon” is counterbalanced by Cancer– which enhances our feelings,  and give us a stronger ability to evaluate the path that guides us to our highest sense of positivity.  For this week, gravitate towards the positives and relish in what changes you have made, and stuck with since the last lunar spectacle. Next week address the life changes or improvements that you intend to make concrete before the next moon.

Allow your creativity to flourish, and embrace new mediums that you are unfamiliar with– photography, painting, sketching, digital photo editing, sewing, or any other sort of crafting! Use these projects to draw wisdom from within yourself. Stay grounded, and be mindful of your perspective, never let a momentary lapse in positivity tarnish your pride or progress.