January brings us the gift of a Full Moon. A very special moon phase: The Cold Moon (or as my ancestors have dubbed it– the Wolf Moon.)  This marvelous moon phase will occur this evening (January 15th, 2014) at 11:52 pm EST. Let the moonbeams light your path into the future.  This lunar wonder will fall on the 25th degree of Cancer.  Due to its correspondence to Cancer, our cold moon will stir your emotions. ((Remain Grounded, Remain Positive)) Use this time to give needed attention to your emotions, recognize your flaws, and dwell not on their negative effect, but on how you can improve from them. Tears may be shed, but fear not, this is a cleansing process– purge yourself of the past (insecurities, apprehensions, and most importantly, banish self-doubt)  This is your year– Feel that in every fiber of your being!

I like to use the stone Sardonyx during times such as this.  This stone is a highly protective stone that embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism, and confidence. It helps to boost your self-control and your level of personal power.  It can provide energy that allows your motivation, willpower, and discipline to flourish.  This stone creates an excellent grounding action through the earth and base Chakras. Use this stone with your meditative practices, and allow your true path to make itself known, a new and unknown inner-strength will come forward.

… Back to our Favoring Full Moon–  Let yourself be free to float upon the waters of restoration and self-growth.  The illumination from the Full Moon in Cancer potentially brings you closer to accepting the abundance you deserve. Allow yourself to thrive this year, and let the Moons energy heal, as it gives you the strength needed to:  fix flaws, not only learn– but grow from heartaches and struggles, and take the next step in developing the most authentic form of yourself.

May this Lunar spectacle bring you clarity, strength, and a higher sense of self.  Blessed be the Magnificent Cold Moon.