June 2, 2015, we will be blessed with a Full Moon shining brightly in the sign of Sagittarius (information seeker) counterbalanced by the Sun in the sign of Gemini (communicator).

This lunation highlights the tensions between knowing vs believing, analyzing vs intuiting, thinking vs feeling, the higher mind vs the lower mind. During this period the aspects of knowledge are prime, we can learn something new or delve into deeper levels of understanding.While this Full Moon illuminates the conflict between logic & faith we are given an opportunity to better understand ourselves through rethinking our ideals, revisiting our beliefs, reworking our assumptions & reinventing our notions. This is a highly reflective period when we can look at things in a new light, review facts from a different perspective & see ourselves from a fresh viewpoint. Pay close attention to what comes up during this period as the energies are pointing us in directions of future growth & mastery.

Sagittarius is a very intuitive sign, we are challenged now to embrace our inner truth & trust in our intuitions. With Mercury in retrograde, it is not necessarily a time to act but there is no better time to stop intellectualizing, change your mind or to follow your heart. When you know, you know; but if you don’t know, then maybe it’s time to let go of what you know so you can know something else. Something more productive, happier, healthier.

The Full Moon is all about the hard work of letting go in preparation for something new. Something different & better! Are you ready to redefine & realign? Is it time to shake things up? Do you need help through your process? Consider my Life Coaching services, you don’t have to go it alone!


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