Keep your eyes to the skies, This full moon is the first of three Supermoons in a row. The moon is on the verge of aligning with both the sun and earth, Balanced by Virgo, giving focus to your appreciation. Time to seek out the deepest value of each element in your life. Dedicate yourself to the positive and Distance yourself from the rest. This is a time to envision your ultimate ideal future and make only strides toward success. Generating drive, strength, and serenity from the realm of Neptune, you can excel past any obstacle. Keep your emotions in check, with constant reminders of your end goal. Keep yourself aligned with this concept:

“What will benefit my being the most?” Which path will propel me toward my goal?

“Know that the Divine is in the details and to face certain things will end up helping you in the long-term. De-clutter yourself and life on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and especially physical is a great way to utilize the potential of the Full Moon in Pisces. The key is restoring peace through prioritization. During this particular Full Moon in Pisces, be careful and aware of not making mountains out of molehills now as some may exaggerate the tiniest detail and thus create more reactions. It is helpful to increase tolerance and to be patient as the details form from the realm of ideas or inspirations. You have to be accountable for your own emotional process and refine emotional skills where needed.” “More often than not, there is an experience of ultrasensitivity during a Full Moon in Pisces. All of the rich nuances are felt, noticed and taken in for contemplation in relation to the Cosmic order of things. Each person may feel the emotional tides differently and there may be tumbling of tears that flow. It is an opportunity to dissolve lingering emotional pain, illusions and/or delusions carried over from the past that clouds the present moment”

“Surrender the worry and be pragmatic with faith.” As Mystic Mama writes, “Pisces is a water sign, with an emphasis on the imagination, unity with all life, spiritual longing, transcendence, and mystical visions…etc.” “The Sun is opposite in earthy Virgo, kicking up the instinct to clean house from top to bottom…This is a heavenly time for purification, and to revive enchantment in a big, wholesome way…” She goes one, “The most naturally magic of Full Moons happen with Sun in Virgo, opposite the Moon in the sign of mystical sight, Pisces. Tuning in to the serendipitous messages of nature and the elements can set off revelations.” Each night that you seep during this intense moon phase, your dreams are laced with symbolic insight. Keep a journal and pay close attention to what your dreams are telling you.    (Links and Information by Mystic Mama)