February brings the full cougar moon, also known as the grandmother moon.  This lunar phase should be a time of great reflection.  Not so much on oneself, but more fixated on the lineage of our creation & the abundance of influence that family plays on our existence. Our ancestors have bestowed upon us a great deal of character, find the greatness that you have descended from using the power and energy behind this full moon. What this means to you will vary. Whether you break out a family recipe, tradition, or trace your lineage-  acknowledge the karmic legacy you live and appreciate it’s blessings.

The renewal of spring has not yet come, but it’s imminent arrival is overwhelming.  It’s easy to get swept up in the anticipation of spring, but take time to be gracious for the wonderful elements of winter. The outside world is eerily silent, and wild winds sweep over the world bringing snow and unexpected sunshine. Scorpio will energize us with a new sense of determined endurance. We will be more brave, but also more stubborn. Just as the cougar, prowls the woods in search of a successful hunt, we seek to succeed in all of our life’s efforts. The power of solitude will prove to be most potent during this moon phase. Be Alone. Independent, for a moment or an entire day. Take what time you need to cater to yourself and listen to what your mind and body will need in the coming days. Where I live, winter has been mild and kind & it has been so healing to head our for a hike in light layers, and get grounded in the hot sun. If you get the chance, get out there and soak in the warmth, save chores and shopping for the evening. Savor the sun while it shines, and each day will be worlds better.

Life Connections:

Embrace: Community    Legacy    Guidance   Communication  |  To amplify the energy of this lunar phase, burn a yellow or tan candle in the evening.

Wear: Bright shades of marigold and mustard + comforting, snug layers

Drink:  Spicy and sweet teas, like chai or rooibos. Or try making a “Nirvana” : Frothed almond milk, [brewed > chamomile flowers, vanilla bean, licorice root, clove, cardamom, marshmallow root] & honey.  ( insanely delicious, comforting and healing)

Sidenote: A good CCR/Rolling Stones Playlist is makin’ this full moon extra groovy.