Just before dawn on October 8th, an Aries Full Moon Eclipse will grace the sky.  The Moon will be in Aries, a fiery sign of empowerment, clarity & action. The Sun will be in Libra, a balancing sign of community and thoughtfulness.  This eclipse will be an especially powerful time for self-reflection and adjusting relationships.  Take time to evaluate the connections in your life– notice which are mutually beneficial, and which drain your energy without naturally re-fueling it.  During this cyclic time, detox your mind, body, soul, and life.  Reduce the stressors in your life by developing skills and practices that help you to find peace. Meditate & Journal your thoughts. Getting ideas out of your cluttered mind and onto paper will help you achieve clarity on the things that may reside within the depths of your thoughts.

It is a new season, time for new routines. The natural world is going through a seasonal metamorphosis, as should you.  The sign of this moon phase brings with it endless possibilities and potential for positivity.

Cherish this season, as it is as short as it is sweet.  Spend time outside now before the chills of winter start flowing in. Hike, Bike, Walk the Pups, Do Yoga or walk the long rows of a pumpkin patch or local orchard.  Keep grounded, and stay moving! There will be a time in the very near future to get things done inside– So keep your lungs filled with this fleeting fresh air! Use this time to tune into the Earth’s natural rhythms.

Spiritual practices for the season are abundant.  October is one of the most powerful months for me. The vibes are positive and our surroundings are beautiful and richly colored.  This is a pivotal time our lives: we must adore every moment, as they are each a blessing.  Give thanks to Mother earth for molting her summer leaves in such a lovely way, and keeping the skies a charming blue. Eat hearty foods, harvest grains, and goodies.   Cleanse crystals under the Moon, and absorb the energy of the amber season.   Burn candles in your home to embrace the fiery sign of Aries.