February 14th, The Full Moon in Leo.

This moon has been deemed the snow moon,  and (thankfully) It has been said that this moon phase marks the end of flurries and frigid winds.  So long, season of snow.  Along with long days of love and visions of warmer days,  This Full moon brings with it an abundance of influence.  Saturn is here at the Leo Full Moon to keep your passions in check.   Love all, but love yourself first.  Take time this full moon to recognize your true feelings. Happiness is something that can fool you, Are you happy? Do you drive positivity from every day that passes? Are you pleased with your path? Or are there real feelings that your disguise with a smile?  Allow your authentic emotions to shine through.  Always do what is right by your path, and not what will please everyone. Honor yourself this season, and be genuine.  This moon phases alignment gives us a wonderful opportunity to find balance. Balance your energies, and you will find freedom.

Defining the best version of yourself will serve as an inspiration to those who are lacking in your life.   Make yourself a positive being. Speak only with others, never about them.  Never dwell on what cannot be changed, focus only on how you can learn from flaws.  This moon phase has a particularly potent ability to get our minds stuck in the quicksand that is doubt.  Embrace all that you do under this sign. Understand that there are many right ways to accomplish your dreams. Take a small step towards them every day, and relish in your progress. Explore the road less traveled to achieve your goals.  Most importantly strike a balance between  finishing the things that you have let go unfinished, and starting the new things that you have put off.  (hold off, however, on new endeavors until mercury is no longer in retrograde.)

 Best of luck. Savor the last of this season of snow. Spring is not far behind the snow moon.