Lunar Reading: September, 16th 2013

“It’s time to integrate everything we’ve learned about ourselves this year…This Virgo New Moon opens us to planting the seed of our wholeness, both the ‘perfected’ parts that Virgo strives for and the wounded parts we are healing.”

This lunar rebirth will be catching a slew of energy from Venus, the planet of love. The interaction with Venus will let us become less skeptical of ourselves aiding us in our journey to self-clarity. The virgo driven moon will urge us to plant our roots here and now.

There is no better time to leave behind our slow-to-succeed endeavors and plow forward with great confidence, the risks we face are not few, but will be overshadowed by success if the timing is precise. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is retrograde until September 12.

The New Moon is a powerful time to begin new ventures, however, this will not hold true due to the unique astral lineup this month. While Mercury is in retrograde, our ventures will be high-risk. If success is achieved it is likely to have unforeseen consequences, in due time. Anything we begin to renew before he returns direct will have an esoteric outcome.

Our essences of both love and creativity will be strengthened under this sign. This is our time to let wounds of love and loss turn to scar. Women especially will find this to be the season to develop a phoenix mentality, be reborn with a stronger foundation for self-empowerment.