Supporting local crafters and artists is vital to the evolution of our cities and their markets. Being a Pittsburgh native, I have lived in the midst of a cultural rebirth nearly my whole life.  Craft shows, farmers markets, boutiques, and an array of other unique businesses, have nurtured the lure of the city to an all-time high.  A city rebuilt on the dreams of great creators. Locals eat out & shop more often, and visitors flock to the many eclectic neighborhoods to eat, drink and take in the perfect brew of old and new.  Business is booming, and beauty can be found on every street of this marvelous town.

Now, to the main attraction.  This soap.

One of the many contributors to the crafty & creative side of Pittsburgh is Supernatural Soap.  It’s a stellar shop, that specializes in soaps, bath salts, body butters, and solid perfume. All of these awesome products are all natural & crafted by hand. Each product is designed with quality in mind, using herbs from a small backyard garden… so cool. Each shower or bubble-bath soak session will become an opportunity to get back in touch with the earth. I adore the peppermint + rosemary soap, the current go-to for a moment of zen.  It calms deeply with each breath of its sweet fragrance, stirring feelings of nostalgia. I dwell on fond memories of the mint plants & rosemary bush that grew outside of my childhood home. Creators with a conscience focused on quality products, natural ingredients and fightin’ the good fight of a dreamer– Well if that doesn’t already relax you then the soap will.   Shop small and Support local, Get to know Supernatural Soaps! 

Check them out on Facebook or Shop their Etsy Store!