Pusadee’s Garden is a tremendous local garden-side dining spot decorated in petals, vines and vibrant green foliage. They offer an array of contemporary takes on traditional Thai food. The menu is a balance of familiar classics and bold new dishes, in perfect harmony.

Pusadee’s is a BYOB spot that is ideal for connecting diners with local breweries and cider houses. Lawrenceville is booming with hand-crafted & innovative booze joints just waiting to be explored. Take a walk before dinner, delve into the spirited side of the city and pick your new favorite brew.  Pack a growler, a bottle of wine, or enjoy my personal favorite, the Thai Iced Tea.  Every appetizer is a good place to start and each for $7 or less, you can’t pass them up! Indulge in small plates that pack in the flavor and warm your palate up to the superb use of ethnic spices.  My beau and I like to start with the Thai fresh spring rolls, paired with a sweet basil sauce, or grilled pork meatballs on sugarcane skewers, served with lemongrass-tamarind dipping sauce. It’s unexpected pairings like this that make dinner lively again. It’s a rush to be unfamiliar with a variety of the plates, but step outside of the box, treat your palate, and trust in the chef– these pairings are decadent.  An assortment of beef, seafood, and curry dishes are offered in addition to their noodle specialties.

 Enjoy dinner, but heed my warning, save room for dessert.  The short and simple dessert menu offers only three exceptional sweets, but I have even gone as far as to order a second helping of the coconut ice cream (topped with crushed peanuts and mint leaves) as well as the sticky rice with mango. If you’re a native of Pittsburgh, put this spot on the top of your to-do list for a note-worthy evening of outdoor dining. If you’re visiting, make time to stop in for a quick bite and a local brew.  With food that impresses and an atmosphere that captivates you, there is no better place to be for Thai cuisine.

Check out their site HERE.