Phipps conservatory is the queen green gem of Pittsburgh. Sunbeams burst through the vintage glass panes, thick humid air swells in my lungs– my mind races to memories of sweet summer air.

 Vibrant blossoms dazzle your vision & each inhale is laced with the rich perfume of hyacinths and lilies. A dreary afternoon is transformed into an adventure through the wild, where butterflies circulate through your surroundings and the city streets of Pittsburgh are a world away.

You can find Phipps nestled among the green stretches of Schenley park in the Oakland neighborhood of the city. A majestic glass dome sits atop the sprawling growth of banana trees, exotic orchids, and sky-high cacti.  Before we began our explorations through leaf and blossom, we scored a fresh juiced green elixir to cherish on our trek. (An exceptional cafe & gift shop with local goods and gardening wonders complete the experience.)  Mon Chaton & I spent hours wandering through the willows & towering trees. Each branch of the expansive estate was a unique atmosphere– Different greenery, visuals & scenery.  Find the magical side of Pittsburgh and indulge your natural side, spend the afternoon lost among the blooms & berries that decorate the majestic greenhomes at Phipps Conservatory.

Check out their site to learn more about this awesome establishment– HERE.

Visit:   One Schenley Park | Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3830       Phone: 412-622-6914