Pittsburgh is home to many a hidden gem.  Some boutiques, coffee shops, scenic cityscapes, and my personal favorite– the endless amount of overlooked nature reserves & hiking trails. I am blessed to live in an area that has such a heavy emphasis on preserving history, nature, and wildlife.  I am even more blessed to be able to say that I spent my youth working at this exceptionally magical branch of the Audubon Society.  A century-old farmhouse sits perched atop the property, this is where I would spend my “work-weekends,” selling birdseed & all kinds of outdoor goodies. On a slow day, mid-winter I Nestled up with a good book, & would survey the feeders– hoping for a woodpecker or the glimpse of a hawk above the treeline.  Outside, Beechwood Farms offers acres of undisturbed wildlife, trails that are perfect for the novice hiker, and hills that challenge even the most experienced woodsman.  There is a bird of prey rehabilitation sanctuary and my favorite spot to lounge around on my lunch break– a lush pond that is home to turtles, frogs & waterfowl.  Beechwood is only a short drive from the hustle bustle of The City of Pittsburgh, about 15 minutes from the downtown area.  The trails weave among the giant oaks, dogwoods, maples, and pine trees.  This time of year the forests glow a golden brown & the crisp fallen leaves make the paths a masterpiece.  Amp up your Sunday and go discover the hidden gems in your city! & Stay tuned for more Local Spotlight posts. 

Read more about Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve on their Website.

Or visit them at 614 Dorseyville Road, Pittsburgh, PA.