Mondays… noted for their dismal nature and feelings of sleepy sadness… In this life, One mustn’t waste time on such myths! Monday is the start of a new week, a new chapter in the month.  A time to make great strides, and anticipate the celebrations of the weekend. I kicked off my week on the road, wide-eyed and cozy in the passenger seat.  My sacred place. In the company of Mon Chaton, just after mid-morning, a sun-drenched stretch of sky peeked up from beyond the hills above…how unexpected– & how welcome! Autumn is magical in this very way: breezes cooling down the days lulling you into a sense of fall, but an Indian summer lurks in the afternoon. We are blessed with spontaneous moments of heat and searing sunshine– bursting through the shade of the golden-leaved trees.  Follow suit with the season, and be unexpected.  Surprise even yourself with the adventures that will ensure during this wonderful, transitional time.

White Lace-Collar Blouse: Thrifted  Carpenter Denim Shorts: Free People  Hat: Vintage  Boots: Nine West  Jewelry: Caravan  Sunglasses: Etsy