Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 4 lbs pure soy wax
  • 2 oz peppermint pure essential oil
  • 2 oz balsam fir pure essential oil
  • 9 mason jars (16 oz.)
  • 10 natural soy wicks (6 inch)
  • 10 popsicle sticks
  • 1 stick of hot glue
  • a metal or glass container with a lip
  • a double boiler or hot plate
  • a scale
  • candy thermometer

This recipe will yield about 9 mason jar candles, if you fill each jar about 3/4 of the way full.

To start, boil your mason jars for 15 minutes to sanitize, then give them plenty of time to cool and dry off. I get my containers from antique shops and flea markets, so this is an optional step.  Next, draw a circle on the outside of the bottom of the mason jar to mark where the center is.  This is where we will place the wick.

Heat up your hot glue and place a small dot on the back of the wick, the press it firmly over top of the circle we drew on the jar. Now, take a popsicle stick and wrap the wick up so it is centered and taught.

Now for the fun! Heat your wax to 185°F,  you can use a candy thermometer to keep a constant read on the temperature.  Now, add your essential oil, remove the wax from heat, and wait until the temperature of the mixture cools back down to 125°F before you pour into your jars.  If you use a double boiler that has no lip for pouring, transfer your liquid was into a vessel that has a spout or lip.  This will make the candles much more tidy and precise.

Let your candles cool overnight (12 hours) and try to keep their movement to the absolute minimum.  Any change in angle will leave a trace of wax above the level once they cool.  I added a few sprigs of fresh cedar stems to make them look festive.  You can add fully dried flowers, dye chips or glitter to your own to make them totally unique!

Candles are a great present for any occasion, but these soy candles embody the season, in fragrance and appearance.  So save a few for your own home, and wrap up the rest. These are a great gift option for co-workers, extended family, and neighbors.  Homemade options always make a more sincere gift in my opinion. They are worth the labor when you know that each time someone burns one of these, they will be reminded of you.