All of my top spots for gettin’ greenery in the ‘burgh. 


McTighe’s Garden Center



Hahn Nursery Garden Center & Greenhouses


IMG_8882 Cavacini Landscaping & Garden Center


Best Feeds Garden Center



Trader Jack’s Flea Market



 L.M.S. Greenhouse & Nursery


Flourishing Season is here.  Just this past weekend, My man & I took the first windows-down “sunday drive.” A new route fringing on the lusher outskirts of the city.  To our great surprise, a few local nurseries have stocked & opened their greenhouses already. This, in my eyes, is a declaration of spring’s true arrival.  We pull off & start exploring. Tall stacks of terracotta pots line the walls, a few of them stuffed to the brim with a staghorn
feIMG_8298rn or some assortment of succulents.   My heart swells at the unfamiliar– This greenhouse holds the feeling of summer within it’s sunlit panes. My bare shoulders relish in the healing humid air. I had forgotten the magic of a simple spot of warmth.   A hot and a lazy breeze barely ruffles the new cherry blossoms.  Sean points out a flat of his favorite herbs & we start a lengthy banter, listing off the potential arrangements of our own backyard oasis.  If only we could dig in (quite literally) today.

As I write these words the tapping of raindrops persist at my window, reminding me of the current chill that swells over this city.  Even so, I’m reminded that each gloomy rain-drenched day in Pittsburgh, is nourishing the natural world.  Promising us a brighter & more beautiful May.

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 Anchoring our gathering space with statement greens keeps the living space lush until this year’s garden takes shape.

These new greens were made for this corner. (From LMS if you’re in the 412)