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Gearing up your Outdoor Space for Fall

Hints of autumn are riding in the soft breeze and the lingering sunbeams. The air is somehow new, fresh for the beginning of a new day. This transition time is enchanted, and laced with anticipation. My heart swoons at the thought of crimson horizons speckled with tangerine and gold.

The leaves are beginning to curl towards the sun and the feelings of fall are fast approaching. Fall is a time to embrace the outdoors, whether it be for your morning tea or an afternoon read, at one with the breeze is the best place to be. I have been nesting, cultivating a collection of my best cozy treasures that are fit for the fall. Blankets, throws, pillows, and books will be strewn about my hangin’ place under the pergola, this is where I channel all of my natural influences.

Tea Time:

I always have the setting for a fresh cup of tea ready and waiting.  I love catching a chill, and brewing up a batch of oolong with fresh ginger slices or Matcha & Honey fresh from the hive. The warmth of tea in autumn is among my favorite sensations.  My best accessory to my tea is a cast iron teapot (Teavana), I pour in a hot batch of tea into it  stays mellow and comforting all afternoon.

 Blankets, Books, Pillows & Plants:

Set the tone for comfort, and keep heaps of blankets out for when the evening hours approach. Outdoor furniture can be a bit stiff, so pile pillows on chairs, couches, or even strewn across the rug, this encourages the idea that every space is a seat. Books are kept handy, for when tasks at hand become mundane, It helps me to dive into another world for even just a few pages, enthusiasm is reborn. Encouraging surroundings are important for creative growth, and so is the tone of one’s world.  I decorate with warm hues that suit the season, and choose plants that mimic that palette. Warm colors are comforting to me, and in a season where glorious green foliage is stifled out by the times, plants like mums or blooming kale can revive the natural beauty of a space.

Evening Necessities:

 Extend your opportunity for relaxation into the evening. Keep your space well-lit, and prepare for a fire before the sun goes down.  When you have company,  have a solid stack of wood on standby so you can remain by your friends and the fire. Be certain that you can see, Decorate your space with soft lights that will enchant in the evening.  (Pro Tip: always keep a cozy sweater or two on hand incase anyone gets cold, and if they need a cool-down, have a packed cooler on your porch or patio to make for faster refills.)

Embrace the nurturing nature of autumn, a time to be reborn, ready for a new day.  Breathe the fresh fall breezes, curl up with a book, your cat, a cup of tea & just get cozy in your creative space.

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