Autumn is here, a time to cozy up with comfort foods and indulgent treats. The flavors of the season don’t always have to be pumpkin or chai, try something new this fall, and brew up a batch of jam, made with this months harvest.  I used blueberries and rosemary picked at a local farm, and honey fresh from the hive, but any local honey will do.   This jam is sweet, mellow and super versatile, & it hits the spot, any way or time of day.  Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

•           4 cups fresh organic blueberries

•           1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, finely chopped

•           4 tbsp local honey

•           1/4 cup chia seeds

Wash the blueberries and shake them dry in a strainer.

Pour the honey over the blueberries and toss until well blended.  Transfer them into a pot, add rosemary and heat on low for about 5 minutes, until blueberries are soft and bubbling.

Add 1/4 cup of chia seeds to the mix and gently smash the berries and stir the mixture until it is smooth, then bring back to a low/medium heat for about 5 more minutes.

Let the jam cool for 15 minutes before storing in a glass jar.

This spread is a marvelous addition to a charcuterie board.  As a starter, or at a picnic, I serve fresh baked bread, soft goat cheese and a thick layer of jam on top and walnuts, for a garnish.

Try this jam to make your morning a little sweeter, I blend a spoonful into my cottage cheese or toast a hearty grain bread, and pair the jam with butter or cream cheese.  Indulge a little this fall,

Happy Harvesting!