The Autumnal equinox is upon us, a time to embrace the wisdom of earth.  The world is entering a new phase of life, just as are we.  Embracing change and Moving toward a positive balance are the crucial concepts that we must bring with us into the approaching months.  The sun will sink low into the sky each day at early evening, leaving us with a shorter day to make moments count.

A tranquil balance between day and night, just before night takes over. Light and darkness are a sacred duality that is embodied within the human spirit, as well as in the natural world.  We see this balance within today’s equinox. Mimic the earth and balance the scales of your life.  Work. Food. Sleep. Play.  Get in sync with a positive tone, and ride this motivation through the season. The leaves outside burn and ember out into a dazzling crimson, Crisp morning air beckons you out into the world.  We will watch the sunsets earlier each evening, the signature of approaching winter. Dawn will fall later, leaving us in a sleepy-dark, early-morning. Keep yourself empowered and maintain a balanced sleep schedule. Most importantly, don’t let your health keep you down and out, this season is a fleeting glimpse of magic.  So don’t forget to:


Make time for you, time in the sun, on the road, happy &  in good company.  Breathe fresh fall air: Go for a hike with your pup or a friend. Adventure: Eat + Drink everything seasonal, c’mon you’ve waited all year for this. Get spooky:  have a good scare, at some haunted spot.  Follow Traditions: Pick pumpkins or take a nostalgic road trip to the orchard, trail, or wherever gets you in the spirit.  It’s an enchanted time of year.  Embrace the beauty of the natural world, and stay lookin’ to the stars. Happy Equinox.