A wonderland, tucked away in the south • Wandering the picturesque cobblestone streets of the city  • Lost between centuries of Victorian homes, and southern estates.

We found ourselves with a free afternoon, and decided to venture up to Charleston for the day.  The place to indulge in the sweetest of  sights, wines, and fresh local seafood!  We made sure to hit all of our favorite spots in town: clothing stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The passed three years we have developed quite a list of must-see spots, and we managed to make it to all of them!  This year we had the most wonderfully cool and breezy day to explore.  After a quick coffee break the sun was setting, so we headed for the sights– Sullivan’s Island. Home to our favorite hidden gem- Poe’s Tavern.  In his youth, Edgar Allen Poe, spent several months on the island. This dive shares the same stretch of sand that he lived on, thus, a place to celebrate in the dark of night– a bar, in his honor. After a bite to eat and a last glance at the water, We headed back home, happy to have temporarily satisfied our wanderlust. Charleston is home to endless beauty, and the lively welcome energy of the city is what keeps Mon Chaton and I coming back, year after year.  Schedule an autumn getaway to somewhere that captures the spooky charm of the south! Visit Charleston, SC.