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DIY: Campfire Quick-Starter

There are many elements that play into the perfect fire.  Be it a backyard bonfire, or a casual campfire, or even one that provides your only source of heat for cooking. One thing remains the same in all of the fires I build– my fuel.  To avoid using lighter fluid, quickstart logs, and other chemically based methods, I heard of a great (and natural) alternative!

Here’s how to get it started:

Start by Collecting Dryer lint (Ew, Right? You’ll thank me when you’re warm and toasty by your bonfire later on) over a long period of time, this amount took my family of 5 about 1 month to generate.  For about 20, 2×2 inch Campfire Quick-starters you’ll need about a grocery store bag full.  You’ll also need candle wax. I used a collection of old church candles I bought at a thrift shop. The optional ingredient to these quick-starters is sawdust, it’s not quite as commonly come-by as the wax & lint.

Line a pie pan, baking sheet or mixing bowl with wax paper to start.

Grab an old sauce-pan or soup pot to melt your wax in.  I suggest having a pot for craft projects on hand so you don’t have to use the same ones for cooking.  (check out a local thrift shop or garage sale for a second-hand selection.)  Turn the flame to medium/high heat and slowly add in smaller candles, or chunks of larger ones.

Add in handfuls of lint, one at a time. Try to limit the air circulation in the kitchen while you do this to avoid stirring up dust, lint…etc.  Use a metal fork, and press the patches of lint into the wax so it can fully absorb. 

Add and press down on lint until it takes the shape of the pan. Remove the “Patty” with your fork and place on the wax paper to let cool.  Once cool, slice or cut the “patty” into pizza-style segments.

Keep your Campfire Quick-starters in a ziplock bag to avoid any moisture build-up.  Finally, do what you do best around your bonfire! For me, it’s hooping at sunset while the heat of the day fades away.  Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.  Comment below to tell me about your favorite fireside activities, & let me know if you try out the quick starters!

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