An afternoon spent in the company of my books and my pups– one that brings clarity, and the other that brings comfort.  Life in the doldrums of winter can take its toll when your body craves anything but the indoors.

The days I treasure most have been spent with an open schedule.  Maybe, swaddled in blankets, burning lavender candles, sipping hot sencha green tea, buried in new books.

I’ve collected rocks and crystals for as long as I can remember. After a day at the park, I’d end up toting home a fanny pack (big benefit of being a 90’s baby) full of stones and sticks I had gathered. Lately, I’ve been learning about the power of the crystals I have– I strongly encourage anyone with an earthly connection to pursue this practice. I’ve been captivated by the idea that each element carries its own energy. 

Stones can store energy.  From what I’ve experienced they can strengthen a specific weak part of the human spirit if you embrace their power properly. 


Sencha Green Tea with Rose Petals and Cherry


Brew Temp: Simmering (just before boiling) water. 70-77 °C (160-170 °F)
Brew Time: About 1.5 min
How Much Tea: 1 tsp per cup (2-3 grams per 120 ml cup)


Add some dried cherries (6-7) and a few dried rose petals to the sencha.