Each year my man & I undertake an epic 12 hours of feasting.  The day starts at my parent’s. Here, we cheers with hefty glasses of pale pink rose over the sounds of kickoff.  My siblings and I rotate in and out of the kitchen, helping with what we can & making sure all of the family pets are getting plenty of love.  We eat a full lunch complete with my grandmother’s recipe for cornbread & chestnut stuffing.  In a few hours we have to rally & do it all again.

Since i’m in charge of creating a dessert that an incredibly stuffed crowd will still make room for, I had my work cut out for me.  Staying away from anything heavy and sweet, I perused my options with fruit.  Apple and pumpkin seemed heavy, but something citrusy could hit the spot. Alas, I found a recipe for this mellow delicacy in a cook book I received last Christmas.  It’s tangy, and stiff like a key lime pie, with a crumbly spicy gingersnap crust, so a small piece will do– perfect for our current predicament.   I had never made fruit curd before, and it seemed like an intimidating idea.  But, I’ve come to understand that it’s as simple as whisking sugar, eggs, fruit puree and circus over medium heat– without dare leaving the stove for at least 10 minutes.

I got this pie together with just enough time to snap a few pictures before we hit the road.  It was quite the crowd pleaser– looks alone.  But after digging in, i’ve decided it will definitely be adding it to next year’s menu.  Enjoy!


Cranberry Gingersnap Pie-1