Midnight Drive

We were hurtling through stretches of southern interstate, but there was stillness. The wind that gushed through the sunroof  was near-deafening, but our world was silent. When my man and I used to embark on long drives, we would fixate on the destination & the serenity that was guaranteed to greet us when we arrived.  For 6 years we’ve…

Cattle & Swine

We snuck away for a weekend in the country. It was quiet in the mornings, and gave us the rare opportunity to start slow.  My man & I walked from barn to barn greeting the cattle and swine.  I wore layers of alabaster and blue. The tones mimicked that familiar, vintage, country cookware– that we…

Travel Diary: Presque Isle State Park

The shores of  The Shores of Presque Isle are less than 2 hours from my front doorstep.   Fall sweeps by all too quickly to plan out every daytrip & getaway I intend to. This year I was gifted several weekends away, forcing me to drop everything and disconnect.  All in a day’s time we sunbathed,…

In the Valley, by the Lakeshore.

Always make time for a pitstop in Summersville Lake, WV.  Make Friends, Jump in the Lake & Hit the road.  Never Growin’ outta this tradition.  • Look: West Virginia Thrift Stores •

Sleek Gothic Chic

  Summer ’16 in Savannah, GA. We were headed to one of my top 5 restaurants in existence, If you can’t tell by my glow.   Within moments of these snaps, My man & I feasted on 3 courses of cornbread, collards, fried chicken & pie. Between gulps of southern sweet tea we praised the…

Supreme Camping

Ventured out & set up shop in the wild.  We spent the day in the most serene valley of the Slippery Rock Creek. Wilderness Fit.  Vintage Boy Scout Tee & The Supreme Camp Cap Stolen from My Man.

The Transitional Staple

Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that my creative vibrance fades with the coming of winter. A season that begs for cozy layers and baggy looks, is simply not my cup of tea. We are on the brink of spring once again, and each day that we inch closer, I wake– invigorated, with…

Layered Wool & Leather

Warm Layers are the basis of my winter wardrobe. Wool, leather & denim keep the frigid winds from meeting my skin through the season. Wool Turtleneck: J.Crew • Leather Jacket: Forever 21 • Denim: Express • Black Flats: Mod Cloth

OOTD: Black as Night

A rad little neighborhood called Lawrenceville, just outside the heart of the city of Pittsburgh has been a low-key favorite of mine since I was nearly a teenager.  Years have passed and things have changed in a beautiful way.  I stop in now for day-drinking craft cider, a Vinyl convention @ Spirit, a Cannoli Cupcake…

Fringed Wool Poncho

Fringed Wool Poncho: T.J. Maxx  •  Rust-Toned Jeans: H&M • Leather Booties: T.J. Maxx  •  Rings: The Culture Shop/Vintage  •  Crystal Pendant: Mallow & Thyme