S A V A N N A H   


Afternoons lost among centuries of soul.Breathing in the sticky sweet scent of pralinesEmbraced by the dewy warm air that coats the city.These feelings are eternally bonded to my soul, body and being.


I breathe out a deep and clarifying exhale as we come across the Talmadge bridge. My eyes fix on the city, just down river. A city that feels like family, that welcomes you with a warm embrace and a sunny kiss on the cheek.  A freedom to be. Wear whatever, Be whomever your soul dictates. To feel confidence radiating off of your skin. My spirit uplifts and floats at the pace of the tidal winds. There is no rushing, no planning, no  s t r e s s i n g.  Stop. Have a sweet, take a seat by the riverside & think about the centuries that separate you from your surroundings.  Living in History.  The southern-charmers that walk the streets are wise and inspirational soul embracing their inner vibrance.  What a place to be welcomed, blissful & free.

Embellished Blouse: Free People    Jeans: BDG  •  Booties: Aldo

 Penny Lane Shearling: Thrifted  •  Jewelry: I made it! Market