The Natural Mystic in Lily Dale, NY

It’s no secret that soul-work and spirituality are great creative forces in my life, so it only seemed fitting for my man & I to spend our summer holiday at the genesis of spiritualism- Lily Dale, NY.

Since 1879, Lily Dale has been home to the Lily Dale Assembly, a religious organization of mediums and healers. A multitude of Freethinkers, each with a unique gift. A short walk down any of the dirt roads will provide a glimpse into the variety of skills practiced in Lily Dale. Vibrant Victorian homes, with techni-colored gingerbread line the streets- and above the doors, wooden plaques, swaying in the lake-side breeze bear the title of the that inhabitant and what they specialize in. The flowers flourish and the willows prosper in a way that, itself, seems supernatural.

We arrived on a misty Wednesday morning, while the fog was just retreating from the still, hyaloid surface of Lake Cassadaga. The sun was nowhere to be seen, but warmth surrounded the town. A feeling of excitement and familiarity swelled inside of me– like pulling up the steep driveway of my grandma’s house on a Sunday. Massive pines shaded the path I wandered down, tracing the boarders of cottages & bungalows.  Enchanted forests were worn with trails well-traveled.  We followed them to peeks of the crystaline waters and ancient trees that reached into the heavens.  It was such a small place for so much majesty, most recommended for a weekend trek.  My man & I find ourselves referencing our time here in when we speak about clarity.  So, head north for healing, and get to know Lily Dale, NY.

Spirits, Ghosts in Lily Dale NY