Looking Back: A Morning at the Forsyth Park Inn

001-001-IMG_9876-1005-005-IMG_9887-5004-004-IMG_9883-4008-008-IMG_9892-7My family and I stayed the night in Savannah on our way to St. Augustine.  We always opt for a space that holds a bit of history in it’s walls. (Bonus if it happens to come with a host of ghost stories  & urban legends. )  The Forsyth Park Inn checked all of our boxes and then some.  The stature of the building is captivating, It spans three stories and is hugged by an wraparound porch on the first floor.

Savannah is a sleepy city, particularly on a Saturday morning in the summer.  We were set to be served breakfast around 10, so I got an early start & made for the bay by 7.  It was a breath-taking sunny morning, void of that stifling southern humidity.  I swelled with gratitude. Alone time is crucial to my ability to  truly soak in the blessing of a getaway.   I passed by a cafe that peaked my interest, a full bike rack nearby & a street corner bustling with “morning” people.   It was The Collins Quarter.  I pulled up a seat at the espresso bar & started to take in the space.   Marble and mis-matched brickwork framed the room.  I peeked through the menu which is overwhelmingly incredible. I decided on a Madagascar Vanilla Latte & had a chat with the sweet barista. Then if was off for east bay. I can’t resist making a quick trek down to the waterfront, to descend down into the last layer of the city. I snapped a few shots of the main drag before it had time to flood with travelers and locals.

I circled back to The Collins Quarter for an Iced Matcha Latte— all before breakfast at the Inn.  V. Extra, I know.  But the barista mentioned that it was made with Harney & Sons Matcha Powder, Ginger, Coconut Oil Honey, Orange & Steamed Milk, so I had to experience that.   Make sure to pop in the next time you find yourself in this spirited city.


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