Autumn DIY: Ultra Healing Whipped Body Butter


As much of a treat as fall can be, it’s also a major period of transition for your skin. The best way to hang onto that glow, is to lock it in now.  Apply a layer of body butter after each and every shower and let it work it’s magic.

Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil restore the natural sheen of your skin.  Tea Tree  Oil works as an antiseptic to clarify the balance of your skin.  Lavender Oil is beneficial for so many reasons–  from treating eczema to improving the appearance of scar tissue, which is ideal for anyone out there who’s still coping with summer’s mosquito bites! All the while Raw Cocoa and Shea Butters work to  seal in this intensive blend.

So before you cozy up in your favorite sweater, layer up in a coat of this whipped miracle moisturizer for healthy skin all autumn. This Recipe makes roughly 3 Quarts.



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