Annual Overnight Trip to Moraine State Park


Each fall I make it a point to escape the city and head North.   Just 40 minutes outside of the City of Pittsburgh, you’ll find McConnells Mill State Park, in Portersville Pa.  A favorite place to nestle in amongst stunning gorges and sky-high ravines.

Every trip my man & I take, we learn more about ourselves, our patience, and the importance of time immersed in an “off-grid” moment together.  This trip marks 5 summers since Sean & I first went camping. We were blessed with a spectacular weekend to commemorate that.  Scratch Made Breakfast, Golden sunshine to greet us each morning & days that stretched on– without a single flash of stress, oh! and A perfect camp-site to set up shop– we’ve got it down to a science at this point.


A Big ‘ol Coleman Tent. Air Mattress. Coleman Sleeping Bags. Camp Fuel.  Coleman Grill. Camp Sink. Camp Shower. Hammocks. Head-lamps.  A Copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  Bikes. That’s how we camp. It works for us.   

Since we frequent the area, our bucket list gets bigger with each visit. This region has everything we like in a getaway destination– Hiking & Biking trails galore, antique shops, ice cream stands, waterfalls, & all-in-the family diners– It’s a gem.  If you’re thinking of making your way up north, Consider checking out some of my favorite local spots near The Mill.

  1. Snowman Shave Ice
  2. Diners
  3. Living Treasures
  4. Antique Shops
  5. Butler Flea Market
  6. Breakneck Bridge
  7. Hell’s Hollow Hiking Trail
  8. Cleland Rock
  9. Moraine Bike Trails
  10. Beach at Moraine


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