Olive Adirondack Jacket

The city of Pittsburgh is notorious for it’s hazy-lazy grey winters. In the midst of barren forests & city blocks is a hidden gem, a spot that reinvigorates the imagination & swarms the senses with images of spring. Phipps Conservatory. Fragrant air, lush greenery, ancient tree’s & new life sprouting from the soil. It’s a heavenly hide-away, a place to warm my bones, that beckons me back all winter long. Rows of jungle greens line massive rooms with fogged glass ceilings, wrapped in a warm blanket of humidity. A light jacket will do in the sun-warmed greenhouses, so I suit up in this season’s go to. My olive Adirondack Jacket! (SHOP) It’s kept me cozy all season long, but I’m ready to break it in with some snow! Get familiar with you’re winter forecast & see when snow will come your way, Here!

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  1. Love this- that jacket is so cool! You are gorgeous!
    Mind checking my blog out? Xx

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