Pittsburgh’s Natural History Museum


Living in Pittsburgh has it’s perks… The culture is rich & its also a part of every-day life for most people.  You can choose to immerse yourself in pure pop art, or dig in to some of the best food in America– Thanks Zagat. When it comes to an afternoon date, my ideal choice is some combination of the two.  My man & I headed into the heart of Oakland for a long day of exploring + eating. This is a great neighborhood to visit in PGH if you’re looking for the central hub for artwork and attractions. It was one of the first chilly days in the city, so tall mugs of espresso fueled our undertaking of the Carnegie Museum of Art, where centuries of creativity line the walls.  Just next door, millions of years melt away at the sight of prehistoric predators in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  Thanks to Mr. Carnegie, you can explore decades of heritage, hundreds of artistically preserved species & visit works by Van Gogh, all within the same walls. Make a day of it & tackle both museums if you have the time. Protip: If you’re in the area and looking for a spot to refuel, a bite at EatUnique is sure to satisfy & keep you energized.

Visit them at: 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (Hours)

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