Enjoy the Ride: Making the Most of 17 Hours on the Road

“On the road again, like a band of gypsies we go down the highway, We’re the best of friends.” -WN

This summer has been 70% travel, 20% work, 10% rest, and 100% bliss.  My beau and I have spent days behind the wheel and covered over 5000 miles of rural american earth.  Our journeys have left us enlightened and now, more so than ever,  thirsting for another adventure.  Together, we have embraced each obstacle and become total road pro’s.  For starters, never leave home without a pillow, a hoodie, some solid shades and a stellar playlist. Reflecting on our travel logs we have recapped some of the best hints and hacks we gathered across our 8 state exploration of the east coast.  Give these tips a try and enjoy the ride.

Happy Travels!

1. Stretch those legs.  At rest stops, overlooks, or even in the car (with these Car Yoga poses.)  Hours in a stagnant seated postion can leave you stiff and sore for days to come.  Don’t just touch your toes and hop back in the car, take time to stretch our your back and legs for comfier cruisin’.

2. Take a Break.  Get out of the car and breathe in fresh air.  Stretch, walk around, take pictures or pick flowers. The most important thing is to take your mind off of the road even if just for a fleeting moment. Staring at yellow lines and pavement can start to take it’s toll on your clarity.  Refresh, and get back en route.

3. Stay Hydrated.  Skip the energy drinks or sodapop.  Bring along plenty of water, and 1 alternative beverage for if you need a sweet boost.  My personal favorite is Green tea aloe water. It has a kick of energy and it’s ultra hydrating. Try to avoid heavily caffeinated drinks like coffee as they can lead to a wicked energy crash within hours.  Sync up your drinking with your breaks (in other words, don’t chug a full nalgene the moment you leave a welcome center.)

4. Take in the Scenery & Don’t get too serious:  Always keep focused on the road but be aware of where you are. Highways usually roam along the same stretches of earth as vast farms, stone mountain sides or unique little towns. My beau and I always play along with our surroundings while we road trip, awarding points for every pasture of horses or cattle field. We hunt for A-frame homes, and hilarious city names and street signs.  Things are always more interesting when read in a thick (but tasteful) southern accent.

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