Lunar Reading: Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight is the Full Crow Moon also known as the Worm Moon or the Sap Moon. Our crow moon earned its name for the swarms of black cawing crows that could the skies and treelines. These ominous birds signal the end of the season of snow.  As the spring sunshine thaws out our frigid earth, springs blessings will grace our forests and streams.  Maple sap will flow  through the veins of the trees, giving this moon the nickname– The Sap Moon. Spring Equinox is just beyond next week, March 20th.  Day stretches into equal lengths with the night & and earthly balance will be restored.  Become aware of the changes of the wintery world, outside, and likewise, the metamorphosis that begins within you.

The Crow moon focuses on cultivating and growing the strength of your awareness.  Just as nature is reborn and begins to flourish, allow your self to start anew. I like to use this time as the true “new year.” Fresh air will soon flood our lungs and warm sunbeams will seep in through our windows. Winter is a time that drags at the ever-pleasant mood that moves through my soul,  Prepare to reconnect with nature in this time of transformation.  Plant the seeds of new ventures now. Nurture your dreams and allow them to flourish as the world of nature will.

Virgo Moon Notes:  “The Virgo sign is also a very practical sign so use it’s energy for getting jobs done that you have been putting off for a while. Tackle any problems and bring them to an end.”

Maintain your balance through these great times of renewal. Do not allow the grips of procrastination weaken your advancements. Use the energy of this moon phase to propel yourself into new routines, and positive life changes.  Shed the toxic elements of your life, release yourself, & leave them behind with the bitter chill of winter.   Here’s wishing you the sweetest success in your endeavours & a glorious warm spring.  XO – nmxmr

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